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How to install an SSL certificate
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Written by Simon

Last Updated 16/12/2023

Website SSL Installation

In this article we will cover website SSL installation and the basics of installing it onto your WordPress website.

How to install an SSL certificate on your website

How to Install SSL

First, make sure you have an SSL certificate – typically your host will provide one for free. The non-profit Let’s Encrypt often manages these.

Before you begin, Contact your provider and ask them to install SSL onto your server. At PODTech, we offer a free Let’s Encrypt certificate with all our web hosting plans.

It is important to remember that you should install your SSL onto your WordPress website before you begin to build your website. If you install your SSL after, you will have mixed links of secure and insecure content, and this will break your SSL padlock.

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Next, you will need to force your site to serve HTTPS over HTTP, the additional “S” stands for secure and will only display in a URL if the site has an SSL certificate.

To force the HTTPS on your WordPress website, navigate to the back office>Settings>General. Inside the field labelled “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)”, change the address from http to https and click Save. This will log you out of the website and you will need to sign back in.

screenshot showing HTTPS setup Website SSL Installation in WordPress Settings

If you have properly installed SSL on your website, it should now begin with HTTPS in its URLs. Open a new browser in private mode and check to see if you see the SSL padlock. 

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