What is WordPress?

What is WordPress
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Written by Simon

Last Updated 17/12/2023

What is WordPress and how can I use it?

You may be asking yourself, what is WordPress? I’ve heard a lot of mixed things and I’m not sure if it is right for my blog or business.

WordPress started off as a humble blogging tool in the late 90s. However, it didn’t receive any traction until the early 2000s when Heather Armstrong lost her job due to a blog post she had written using WordPress…or so the story goes. This flung the platform into the limelight; now, according to TechJury, over 75 MILLION websites use WordPress!

v6.4 download counter can be viewed here: Download Counter

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WordPress, in its purest sense, is a blogging tool. It allows users to build simple pages without any prior knowledge of coding. With a simple understanding of website management, you can quite quickly build your very own blog using this tool. It has been so popular over the years, that it is now believed that over 40% of all sites across the web are built using this blogging tool.

Through a simple system of “Blocks”, it allows users to drag and drop little bits of code onto their page to build a structure for their very own website.

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WordPress Bill of Rights

The key to the brand’s success is its bill of rights. Just like the American Bill of Rights, WordPress’ has its version and it consists of 4 rules that remain unchanged to this day. 

WordPress First Freedom

First Freedom

To run the programme for any purpose.

WordPress second freedom

Second Freedom

To study how the programme works and change it to make it do what you wish.

Third Freedom

Third Freedom

To redistribute.

Fourth freedom

Forth Freedom

To distribute copies of your modified versions to others.

How Much Does it Cost?

The platform has remained completely free to download and use as a web tool. There are, however, other costs associated with building a website such as hosting and improving site functionality with additional paid-for plugins.

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Can I Build a Website with Just WordPress?

You can build a very basic website using just WordPress. However, this website would look incredibly boring, and your visitors wouldn’t spend much time on it at all! To improve how your site looks we use a combination of Themes and Plugins.

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Bonus Nerdy Facts

  • Valued over $3 Billion!
  • Has 346,000 lines of code to make it work
  • Available in 196 different languages
  • They have 1.2k employees
  • Approximately 50k contributors 
  • Over 300k WordPress developers for hire
  • WordPress developers earn an average of £60k a year
  • The following famous websites use the platform:
    • Rolling Stone
    • Vogue
    • The White House
    • BBC America
    • The Walt Disney Company
  • 98% of blogs are written using this blogging tool
  • There are 7,400 free themes
  • With 55k free plugins

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