What is Forminator?

What is Forminator
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Written by Simon

Last Updated 22/12/2023

What is Forminator?

Forminator is an easy to use WordPress plugin that allows the user to create a wide range of features such as contact forms, email forms, interactive polls with real-time results and much more!

Video Credit: wpmudev – What is Forminator?

What is Forminator?

This is a powerful plugin tool that allows you to collect input data from your website visitors through custom dynamic forms. These can be used in many ways and the more creative you get, the more you can get out of this feature.

Most commonly, it is used to collect data from your customers. The most common input fields are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Contact Number
  • Message
  • GDPR (If you are in the UK/EU)

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You can even connect your form to Paypal and Stripe to take payments through it. This can be particularly useful if you are building a customer order quote page. You can calculate add-on features and compile it into an easy to read interface.

Polls and quizzes can also be a fun tool to interact with your client base. After you have fulfilled a service, you can use polls to gauge feedback and or improve services.

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