What is a WordPress Website Theme?

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Written by Simon

Last Updated 17/12/2023

So what is a WordPress website theme and how do they work?

A WordPress website theme is a tool which can customise the appearance of your website. These changes can be anything from your site’s appearance, layout, typography, colour and design.

There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from, some are free and others have advanced premium settings you can purchase from a developer.

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What is a WordPress Website Theme?

A theme is a zipped folder which houses a group of files which are written in PHP. PHP in essence is a type of computer language which works well with web development because you can insert HTML (internet language) into it. The PHP language in your theme file is combined with CSS stylesheets. CSS is a ‘cascading language’ which determines your website’s visual appearance and formatting. Through this, you can change your website’s appearance such as font style and size.

Interesting article on CSS: wpbeginner.com

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What is the Difference Between a Theme and a Template?

Themes work by setting ‘rules’. Your entire website now applies rules set in your theme, especially in your header and footer. Consequently, this means you can create a rule in your theme “Header font-size:20px” (pixels), this will make all the headers on your website 20px in size.

However, all rules can be broken and you can overwrite this in many ways. For instance, the most popular way is to use your page builder. So, depending on your page builder, you can create templates by dragging your header into place and changing its settings to be larger, or smaller, changing colour or even font type. Moreover, there is a vast catalogue of free pre-made templates or paid-for that can quickly build your site for you.

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What theme does PODTech Recommend?

The most popular themes are Divi, Hello, Astra and our personal favourite is OceanWP. Don’t worry if you’re following our tutorials and your website doesn’t already have OceanWP as the WordPress website theme. You can change it or still follow along with your current theme choice.

Top 5 most popular themes:

  1. Divi – elegantthemes.com
  2. Hello – elementor.com
  3. Astra – wpastra.com
  4. OceanWP – oceanwp.org
  5. Neve – themeisle.com

How to Check an Existing Website’s Theme?

Good news, that’s simple!

PODTech likes to use a quick and easy website to check themes. We use the website What WP Theme Is That. All you need to do is follow the web link below or type the web page in the address bar!

Recommended Link:  whatwpthemeisthat.com

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