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Written by Simon

Last Updated 23/12/2023

Website Icon / Favicon

A website icon is called a Favicon and this techno jargon is short for favourite icon. A favicon is an icon that is associated with a particular website. Typically, this is the business logo and can be located in the address bar next to the URL.

Editing a Website Icon / Favicon

What is a Website Icon / Favicon?

A Favicon is an icon that sits in your address bar next to your URL. It can also be located on your home page when you open a browser.

Website Icon : Favicon Location

Why Do I Need One?

It is not a requirement to have one, but it gives your website extra branding and looks more professional to your visitors. If you don’t change yours, WordPress will display theirs as default. This can really make a website look amateurish. 

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How to Add a Favicon

To add a website icon:

  1. Log into your Back Office
  2. On the left hand side panel click Appearance
  3. Customise
  4. This will open a new window and select Site Identity 
  5. Click Select Site Icon and upload your image
  6. Publish

Under Site Identity you can add your:

  • Site Title
  • Tag Line

And most importantly, your Favicon.

Make sure you logo is square and at least 512 pixels. Don’t worry if your image isn’t exactly square, you can crop it in the tool builder. Click the box that says Select site icon. This will open your media library. Either upload your company logo or select an existing image from your media file.

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You will be able to crop the image to the right dimensions. If you don’t need to crop just click Crop Image without making any adjustments.

You will now see yours is now showing in the customizer side panel. Click Publish and you now have one associated to your website. 

It may take a few hours for this to show up on all browsers. If it doesn’t show, try clearing your browser cache. 

How to change website icon : favicon

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