Uploading an Image to WordPress

Uploading an Image to WordPress
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Written by Simon

Last Updated 21/12/2023

Uploading an Image to WordPress

In this article, we will cover two ways of uploading an image to WordPress. The first will be through your media file and the second through a page builder called Elementor.

How to Upload an Image to my WordPress Media File

Uploading an image to WordPress media files:

  1. Login to the WordPress back office 
  2. On the side panel, click Media
  3. Click Add New
  4. Select Files
  5. This will open a pop up window to locate the files on your hard drive

You can also drag and drop an image file from your desktop. Always ensure your media dimensions are suitable for where you need them. You may need to resize or optimise your images prior to uploading.

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How to Upload an Image in Elementor

One of the big advantages of using Elementor is that you can customise the appearance of your web page whilst uploading all your images in one place. This can really streamline the process of page building. 

To upload your image through Elementor:

  1. Login to the WordPress back office 
  2. Select Pages on the left panel
  3. Hover over the page you wish to edit
  4. Click Edit
  5. Click Elementor – This will open the Elementor Page Editor
  6. On the Elementor side panel search for the image widget
  7. Drag the widget onto the page
  8. In the Elementor side panel ensure Content tab is selected
  9. Hover over the grey image placeholder
  10. Click choose image
  11. This will open a pop up window – Click Upload and locate your image from your hard drive

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When you drag the image widget onto the page, you will notice the left Edit bar will now change to show you settings relevant to the widget you are editing.

After uploading your image, you must make sure the Image Size is correct. If the image size is too large, this will slow the load time of your site. For an image the size of the screenshot above, approximately 750px would work fine. Below are some image size recommendations:

  • Thumbnail – 300px width
  • Box image – 750px width
  • Half page image – 900px width
  • Banner image – 2000px width

Adjust your height in ratio to the recommended width.

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