Update a WordPress Plugin

Update a WordPress plugin
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Written by Simon

Last Updated 16/12/2023

Why Should You Update a WordPress Plugin?

Why should you update a WordPress plugin?

Developers will regularly update their plugins to have new features, increase security, fix bugs or to be more compatible with other WordPress plugins. To ensure your website is secure, always keep your plugins up-to-date. That said, don’t update more often than is necessary. A full site update once every month or two. This should keep your website running smoothly and securely. 

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Your WordPress dashboard will notify you if you have any plugins that need updating (see image below). There will be a small indicator with a number within a red circle. 

So here we have 4 updates needed.

Screenshot of plugin update notification

How To Update A Plugin

IMPORTANT: Before you begin any updates, ensure you have backed up your website. 

All PODHost plans include daily backups, so you can roll back your site if you run into any issues. 

To update your plugins:

  1. Log into your WordPress Back Office
  2. Click Updates on the left hand side
  3. Select all the Plugins, Themes or WordPress files you want to update using the check box
  4. Click “Update Plugins”

The system will run and this will update your plugins.

Open your website in Private/Incognito mode and check your website looks ok.

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