Log into WordPress Back Office

Log into WordPress Back Office
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Written by Simon

Last Updated 16/12/2023

How to Log Into My WordPress Back Office?

In this article we will cover Log into WordPress Back Office.

YouTube tutorial on how to log into your WordPress Website

To log into your WordPress website, first type in your domain name. Next, you want to add a slug – it’s not as slimy as you think! 

A slug is a suffix at the end of your domain name. Let’s look at the example below:

example of how URLs are broken down into different sections

As you can see, the far right column contains the slug “/wp-admin”. Add this slug after your website address, and you will now have access to the WordPress login dashboard. Enter your login details and you’ll be given access to your back office. 

You can access this from any computer worldwide depending on your firewall settings.

Screenshot of WordPress-login Dash-Board

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Forgotten Login Password

To reset your WordPress website password:

  1. Type in your login domain name: www.*yourwebsiteurl*/wp-admin
  2. Click “Lost Your Password”
  3. Type in your email for website login
  4. Click “Get New Password”
  5. Click the password reset link that is emailed to you
  6. Create a new password

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