Installing OceanWP Theme

Installing OceanWP Theme
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Written by Simon

Last Updated 21/12/2023

Before we begin Installing OceanWP Theme, a quick recap on what a WordPress website theme is. OceanWP is a lightweight theme which provides optimal performance without increasing your website’s load time.

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Installing OceanWP Theme & Setup Wizard

Installing OceanWP Theme

Follow these simple steps when Installing OceanWP Theme:

  1. Log into the WordPress website
  2. In the Dashboard on the left-hand side click Appearance
  3. Under Theme click Add New Theme
  4. Search for OceanWP Theme
  5. Click Install
  6. Click Activate

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OceanWP Theme Setup Wizard

Optimising OceanWP Installing OceanWP Theme

As soon as you hit activate, OceanWP will now be your website’s theme. It will ask you to download a load of additional plugins to improve your site’s functionality. Ignore it for now, you will only OceanWP Extra.

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Head back to your Dashboard located on the top black sidebar on the left. You will now see a popup box that says:

Welcome to OceanWP – Are you ready to create an amazing website? 

Click Run the Setup Wizard this will begin the setup wizard process. 

OceanWP Setup Wizard

The setup steps for this are very simple:

  1. Welcome – Click Get Started
  2. OceanWP Setup Wizard – Scroll to the bottom and click Skip
  3. Customise – Fill out this entire page and upload your logos. On ‘colours’ only change ‘Primary Colour’, leave the rest. Continue 
  4. Ready – Ignore this page and click View Your Website

This will take you back to your website and preload your changed settings.

The last thing you will need to do is install your plugins and you are good to go. Read the article below for which plugins we suggest to help you build a basic website.

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OceanWP Setup Wizard Failed or Not Showing

So you’ve installed the OceanWP theme and activated it, but the install wizard isn’t showing on your Dashboard. Fear not, we can fix this.

To force the Setup Wizard to run:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard
  2. In the sidebar click Theme Panel
  3. Click Run the Setup Wizard 
Rerun Setup Wizard

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