Creating Container Templates in Elementor

Container Templates in Elementor
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Written by Simon

Last Updated 29/12/2023

How to Create Container Templates in Elementor

In this article, we will guide you through creating container templates in Elementor. Templates and duplicating sections of your website are quick and easy ways to build pages and create continuity across your website. At the end of this article, we have a top tip to speed up duplicating any Widget or Container on your site in two simple steps! So make sure to read until the end.

Creating Container templates with Elementor

What is a Template

A template is a pre-saved page or post layout. By creating a template, you can apply these settings and layouts to every new post or page you create, giving your website continuity throughout and reducing build time. Elementor has a couple of ways to do this and the main two are: 

  1. Templates made through the Theme Builder (requires Elementor Pro)
  2. Reusable Container templates (available on free Elementor)

This article will only cover Reusable Container Templates, however, we would recommend reading Elementor Theme Builder Templates.

Accessing Elementor’s Template Repository

Elementor has a huge repository of templates available for you to load onto your page and begin editing. To access these, load the Elementor Page Builder onto the Page or Post and locate the grey template icon in the centre-bottom of your page. This will open the Template Library.

Creating Container Templates in Elementor

In the pop-up window, will see 3 tabs: Blocks, Pages and My Templates. Select either Blocks or Templates and you will have access to a wide collection of free and paid-for templates. Select the one you like and it will automatically load on the page. You can now begin editing text and images to get your site looking more like how you want it to.

Creating Reusable Container Templates in Elementor

Reusable Container Templates

Reusable Container templates work in much of a similar way. However, as they’re a free feature there is much less functionality.

Head to your page builder and build your first Container. Make sure to build it and make it responsive for all devices. Once you have built the Container you wish to duplicate, hover over the section, right-click the six dot icon and click “Save as Template”.

Selecting a container to create a template

This will open a pop-up window for you to save to your Container Library. Type in the name you wish to give it and hit “Save”. 

To add the reusable Container to another page on your website, scroll to the bottom of your editing window and click the grey folder icon.

This will open your My Templates window, locate the file and click “Insert”. This will automatically load your template with all the presets to this section.

Duplicating Elements

Duplicating on-page elements is slightly quicker than creating a template, however, it only duplicates the element on the same page. The duplicating method can be applied to an entire Container or even a specific widget. To duplicate an element:

  1. Hover over the Container or Widget you wish to duplicate
  2. Right-click on the mouse
  3. Click “Duplicate”

Top Tip

There is a final duplication function that works similarly to reusable Containers and Duplication. However, instead of the function being stored in your website’s templates it is stored in your computer’s clipboard. This works across different pages and can make duplicating things quick and easy.

It is important to note that, unlike reusable Containers, the data is saved in your clipboard. This means that it will disappear when you copy something else to it. To duplicate an element using your computer clipboard:

  1. Hover over the Container or Widget you wish to duplicate
  2. Right-click on the mouse
  3. Click “Copy”
  4. Head to where you would like the new element
  5. Right-click on the mouse
  6. Click “Paste”

This will automatically paste the elements you just copied into the Container.

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