Creating a Website Main Menu

Creating a Website Main Menu
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Written by Simon

Last Updated 24/12/2023

Creating a Website Main Menu

Creating a Website Main Menu is very easy, but it can be a tad frustrating if you don’t know where to look. In this article, we will cover how to add a main menu and how to change its appearance.

Building a Website Primary Navigation

Creating a Main Menu

Main menus are what appear at the top of your webpage and they help you navigate a website.

To create a main menu, you will first need to create pages. Take a quick read of the article below if you need help setting up a page. 

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Once you have all your pages set up we can build your menu, don’t worry if you forget any pages as we can add them retrospectively. To begin setting up a new menu:

  • Click Appearance on the left-hand panel in your dashboard
  • Click Menus
  • In the Menu Name field type your menus name
  • Check the “Main” option box under Menu Settings
  • Click Create Menu. 
Creating a Website Main Menu

This will create your menu and you can mount it to every page. Let’s now add some pages to this menu. You will see on the left Add Menu Items with a checkbox feature with Most Recent pages. If you can’t see the page you’re looking for, change the tab to View All. Once you have checked the boxes for all the pages you need, click Add to Menu.

adding pages to the menu

Dropdown Menu

Dropdown menus are a great way to add more pages to navigate from your primary nav bar. To nest other pages within a dropdown menu, click and drag it to the right before releasing. These menus will appear stacked as shown below: 

Mega-menu Example

Ensure you save your changes before exiting the page.

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Add Pages to an Existing Menu

As you have now added your first menu, you will see a new heading appear at the top titled Select a Menu to Edit. Here you can create more menus or switch between menus you have already created. It’s important to always check which menu you’re editing before making any changes.

Selecting an existing menu

Adding extra pages to an existing menu is very easy, select the menu you wish to edit from the Select a Menu dropdown and choose your menuHere, you will see your menu board change. On the left-hand side, under Add menu items, you can select the pages you wish to add to your menu. Click the boxes you wish to add and click Add to Menu. The pages should then be added to the Menu Structure on the right-hand side. Once you have moved the page order around, click Save.

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Adding Custom Links to a Menu

Creating a Custom Menu Link is very similar to adding Pages to your menu:

  1. Select your menu from the Select a menu to edit drop-down box and click Select.
  2. On the left panel click the Custom Link dropdown
  3. Add a title and paste the URL in the respective fields
  4. Click Add to Menu

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