Mailchimp Email Marketing Campaign

Mailchimp Email Marketing Campaign
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Written by Simon

Last Updated 22/12/2023

A Mailchimp email marketing campaign can take your business to the next level.

Creating a Mailchimp Email Marketing Campaign for Free

Setting Up an Audience/Tags

There are two ways to set up an audience in Mailchimp:

  1. Audience
  2. Tags

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Audience is the primary way to create categories. However, if you are using the free version of Mailchimp, you can only set up one. This can be quite restricting, and even with paid plans you can only increase your audience marginally.

So, why would you want to separate your audience into subcategories?

Subcategories are a great way to separate your audience into smaller groups so that you can target your email campaigns accordingly. The more unique subgroups you can create with focused clients and interests, the higher your chances are of them opening your emails and interacting with your content.

This concept also works in reverse. If your marketing campaign is set to send very generic emails to a wider audience, the recipient might feel that your emails are not suited for their needs/interests. As a result, they will be more likely to start ignoring your correspondence or even unsubscribe.


The best (and cheapest) way of dividing up your audience is with Tags. Tags, as the name suggests allocates a specific term or phrase to that user’s email.

When you go to send out your next correspondence through Mailchimp, you can allocate user tags to your email thread. Let’s look at how to add a tag to a user.

Adding a Tag

Log into Mailchimp>Audience>Tags.

Here you can add new tags by clicking Create Tag.

Creating an audience Tag in Mailchimp

Try creating a tag. Click Create Tag>Enter your tags name>Create. You will see your new tag appear on the Tags list.

Naming a Tag in Audiences (Mailchimp)

To allocate your audience to a specific tag, head over to Audience>All Contacts>Select contact you want to add>Add or Remove Tags. Select the tag you want to add those audiences and it will automatically allocate it to the tag.

What is a Campaign?

A campaign is just a fancy name Mailchimp uses for your emails you are sending with them. You can create simple and complex emails with a campaign builder, using a combination of text, image and even videos. Here’s an example of a campaign you would have have received after enrolling on one of our free courses.

PODTech email Campaign example

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This campaign is clean, simple and easy to read. It has a brief introductory video that aims to engage the recipient as well as a special offer and a Call to Action.

Building a Campaign Email

Mailchimp Email Marketing Campaign makes it easier than ever to build your campaign to send to your clients. Try building one as we go.

Campaigns>Create Campaign>Email>Create an Email (add name)

Creating a new Campaign in Mailchimp

Next you will see your campaign split into 4 sections:

  • Edit Recipients
  • Add From
  • Add Subject
  • Design Email

Let’s work our way through each on individually.

Edit Recipients

Here you can select your audience and allocate your tags to make your email reach more bespoke. Also, it is worth clicking the Personalize the “To” field. This allows you to use formatting tags such as *|FNAME|* which will pull up the recipient’s name and insert it in that field.

For example, if the user’s name was Karen:

Hi *|FNAME|*,
Thank you for subscribing to our news letter, heres a coupon code for 10% off your next order *COUPONCODE*.
Have a great day.
The PODTech Team

Would look like

Hi Karen,
Thank you for subscribing to our news letter, heres a coupon code for 10% off your next order *COUPONCODE*.
Have a great day.
The PODTech Team

Add From

Add from allows you to customise your name and email address.


Here, you can change your email’s Subject and Preview Text. With your subject, you’d want to make it short but eye-catching. In the example of PODTech’s welcome email we use this Subject:

Welcome to Our WordPress Training Course

and for the Preview Text we use:

Hi *|FNAME|*. Here’s a quick email with what to expect on your WordPress course. PODTech wants to….

By leaving “…” at the end of the Preview Text, it makes the email look more inviting and increases the recipient’s chances of opening it.


Here, you can build and design how you want your Mailchimp Campaign to look. You can add images, text and video. Mailchimp will preload you a simple template that you can adjust. By clicking on the element you wish to edit, it will open a side bar for you. You can also add new elements by hovering over an element and clicking the turquoise Plus sign button.

Editing a campaign Layout in Mailchimp

Social Media

You can also set up your campaign to automatically post to your social media when you send out your email.

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