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Written by Simon

Last Updated 23/12/2023

Change WordPress Admin

In this quick guide, we will be looking at how to set up a new user and change WordPress admin.

New User

To set up a new user:

  1. Log into WordPress back office
  2. In the Dashboard click Users on the left side panel
  3. Click Add New

Here you can add the Username, Email and any other personal information. Leave the password as it is and tick Send User Notification. This will then email the new user an auto sign in link. When the new user logs in, it will prompt them to change their password.

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Admin Setup

Once the new user information is added, scroll to Role. Here you can change their access to Administrator. Only do this for users you trust, as this will give them access to your back office and sensitive information. Click Add New User to save any changes.

Change WordPress Admin

Change WordPress Admin Site Email

You may also want to change the Site Administrator email address. To change your website admin email address:

  1. Log into WordPress back office
  2. In the Dashboard click Settings on the left side panel
  3. General
  4. Enter your email in Administration Email Address
  5. Save Changes

It is important to not that this will only come into effect once the new email address has accepted the invite to become Site Administrator.

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