Adding Text to a Top Bar

Adding Text to a Top Bar
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Written by Simon

Last Updated 26/12/2023

Adding Text to a Top Bar

In this article, we will be adding text to a Top Bar. A Top Bar hangs above the main menu at the top of your page. It is a good way to have additional links to other parts of your site without having the main menu look cluttered or bulky. It is worth noting that this tutorial is for OceanWP themes, but may work with other WordPress themes.

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What Can You Put in a Top Bar?

Let’s look at where your top bar is located. As the name suggests, it is located above the Header (main menu). If we look at POD’s menu, on the left we have opted for the logo, right. is the header (main menu) and above that is the top bar.

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Adding Text to a Top Bar

By default, your WordPress theme will add text to your top bar. This is just a placeholder. A placeholder is an image, link or text that has been inserted by your theme or plugin’s developer. Its job is to ensure your site’s continued functionality as you’re setting up to build a website. You can either change the text to something you wish to display or remove it entirely. 

Changing Top Bar’s Text

To add text to your top bar:

  1. Log into your Back Office
  2. In the left-hand side panel, click “Appearance”
  3. Click “Customise”
  4. This will open the Customiser menu, click “Top Bar”
  5. Click “Content”.  

Simply highlight the existing text in the Content box and type what you want your message to say.

After you have made all the necessary changes, be sure to scroll up and click Publish followed by the “X” in the top left of the sidebar.

Adding Text to a Top Bar

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