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As a passionate digital leader, I am excited about leveraging emerging technologies and inclusive design to drive innovation. With 10 years of experience embedding digital strategies and cultivating forward-thinking mindsets in teams, I am committed to inspiring agility and enabling sustainable growth through digital.

I have studied and worked extensively with inclusive design processes, user testing, and digital asset development. I have developed strong stakeholder management and leadership skills working on projects with MidCounties Co-Op, Oxford Brookes University, council-run digital initiatives and the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire. I have led senior cross-functional teams to develop and launch SaaS/membership platforms, develop websites, LMS platforms and other digital services.

I excel at identifying opportunities and fostering collaboration between teams to achieve shared objectives. I have strong proficiency in working with data, digital and design transformation projects and understand how to develop an organisation’s maturity in these areas. Through transformation work, I have enabled organisations’ objectives to streamline processes and increase team satisfaction and joined-up ways of working.

I enjoy working closely with SLT, C Suite and board members to secure buy-in to embed digital as a key strategic goal of any organisation to enable growth. The core principles are continuous learning, embracing change, and adaptive experimentation.

Through listening work, I have reshaped the organisations’ programme delivery models through the development of new digital assets and SaaS products. These new products often combine digital resources, courses, and content to drive SEO.

I have developed a social network Hub as part of larger government bids and I am experienced in leading in-person, remote and international teams of developers. A personal achievement of mine was being nominated for an OCVA award.

With my extensive experience as a digital leader and entrepreneur, I am confident in my ability to lead and foster innovation within any organisation.

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