About PODTech: Our journey...so far

Simon Brooker began his digital journey in 2013 building websites for his first business. In 2017 he joined JCS Infusions and established POD which would later grow into PODTech. Over the past 10 years, he has worked with global brands and supported local startups to build and develop their digital skills and platforms.

PODTech has its own YouTube channel packed full of free digital support videos. 

About PODTech: Simon Brooker PODTech founder
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Major milestones over the years

Pink Orange Designs (POD) is established as the design arm of JCS Infusions LTD

Pink Orange Designs is established as its own legal entity and began working with large brands on Digital Transformation

Rebranded to PODTech and focused on digital inclusion

Our mission

Two young people stood next to each other

User centred design

Through analytics and insights we keep users firmly at the centre of our digital work. Research is key to create a product clients will love and keep coming back to.

Blind woman using screen reader and man in a wheelchair

Inclusive digital space

We are on a mission to create platforms that focus on accessibility & inclusion. Creating websites that cater to those facing barriers to digital can have huge benefits to all users.

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Socially driven

Our free online and in-person courses help up-skill our community and help more users get online and connect with loved ones. PODTech also offers subsidised services to support the community.

Projects we’ve supported

Web Hosting

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